Friday, January 21, 2011

she's so indecisive like every meal is her last

First up, the ooohhhh sooo cute. I saw it and had to have it. It matches the cute shoes I bought and had no reason to buy because nothing I had matched them, but they were cute. See, that's all the reason I need.

And then the skin. Anyone who hasn't seen the new Belleza skin needs to rush to see it. It's soooo pretty.

Ooohhh, not to forget Glitterati has a new VIP group. She's sent out four or five things so far. Now that we have extra group spots you should definitely check it out. This pose I used is from the latest set "Silliness".

The pics have minor editing, because I'm lazy.



Belleza - Erika - Pale
Cheap Makeup - Vintage Lash 1
VICKY HAIR - Blonde tipped brown

Clothing & Accessories
skream - just smile piercing (store is closed :()
TRUTH - Halter Tank - Brown
TDR - The Secret Store - Chiffon - Silk Kerchief
Armidi Gisaci - Vidalia - FuiFui Turquoise

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Maybe It's Not My Weekend But It's Gonna Be My Year

I was trying to put something together but it turned out kinda nerdy hobo looking, haha. I was gonna change but I sorta like it and decided I needed a pet to go along with it. So I decided, what better pet for a hobo than a hedgehog? Yeah, awesome I know. Since I'm wearing my All Time Low band shirt, I figured I'd use them for today's tunes because I looooove them and it gave me a reason to youtube ATL videos. If you're also a fan, first off hi5! and you'll notice the pic doesn't match the song but both are ATL and awesome songs. If you're not a fan, well then ignore my ramble and just look at the clothes and watch the video and become an ATL fan!
Keepin' Warm with:
Jacket:Crazy-Corduroy Jacket
Shirt:\CHRONIC\ -All Time Low-So Wrong
Pants:[Sassy Kitty Designs] Unbottoned Max Studdend Low Jeans
Hair: [BUTT-ERR]-Covey in Umber
Skin: [Pacadi Skins]- Ariki Collection in Toffee
Glasses:Awesome Blossom-Not a Nerd Eyeglasses
Gloves:Sinistyle-Taped Fist
Shoes:Urban Bomb Unit-Pornstar Hi-Tops

Friday, January 14, 2011

if I had a world of my own, everything will be nonsense

I'm a pose whore, I'll admit it. I buy pretty much every one I can find. When anyone needs a picture they always ask to use my photoLife studio. When I logged in to check my messages I saw this cute prop called, The Lost Room, and HAD to have it. It has 7 poses, 8 wall textures, and 3 different vase textures. It's 28 prims. I only took two diff shots, so go check it out or buy it in world at Baffle!



What I'm wearing:
Skin - Claire / Fair - TDR New Years item (not available anymore)
Hair- Atomic - I'm a Lady (hair fair)
Eyes - Pididdle - Motion Sickness - TrueBlue

Addict - Circle project Necklace - no longer available
Trilogic Ring - Pink Gold
Nyte'N'Day - Decked Shirt - Plum
TART - Grunge Jeans - Dark Denim
SLink - Sydney Stilettos - Black

Monday, January 10, 2011

Theme Market

So there's this awesome event that just started! The Theme Market is full of fun items with a set theme from a bunch of designers from all over the grid in one cool little place! Check it!
Theme Market


Last night at midnight the Twas sim was opened for our viewing pleasure of the newest (and, in my opinion, the cutest) breedable pet - Meeroos. They are a fictional creature.

The sale date is still unknown, but Rhia and I agreed these cuties had to be seen by the world. ;) She and I both made the beta team. Woot! These little guys will be on display for the rest of the week if you want to check 'em out.


Meeroo 2

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Got the Nerve Finally to Get Off My Feet...

Holy crap it's 2011! That's insane! With the new year comes new aspirations. I'm super excited for this year because I think there are a lot of changes in store. Anyways, I received this amazing dress from Wasted Youth, one of my favorite stores, and was like "omgah so cute!" I think it's a perfect mix of dressy and casual. I feel like you can do a lot with this dress by making it girly, rockish or even kinda hood. Since I'm a more casual girl, I kept it simple with minor accessories.
Dress:Wasted Youth-Pier 6 Dress Nude
Shoes:Redgrave-Girls' Bikers Reloaded in Smoke
Skin:Belleza-Elle in Tan
Tattoo:Para Designs-Mayhem in Medium
Necklace:Atooly- Cube Necklace
Hair:Kyoot-Wynter in Dark Brown

THE RELAY COMPANY! Their music makes me happy and excited. They're total sing-a-long to as you dance around like a dork music, haha. I love it. *dances around*

Monday, December 20, 2010

Vid Post:Let This Be Our Little Secret

To keep me entertained, I've decided to do some looks inspired by music videos I come across. The other day I was in a big Passion Pit mood and while youtubing I saw this look. Obviously, this isn't exactly like the video look but more of my spin on the look. So here is one of my favorite Passion Pit songs, "Little Secrets."

Little Secrets

Stuff I'm Pimping:
Shoes-Relentless Coutoure:Gaga Ankle Boot
Gloves-{Cynful} Gloves Heart Purple- Solid
Skin-Grixdale:Teagan Caramel
Glasses-Duboo:Zebra Glasses
Tights: Pididdle-Warm Tights-Sparkling Gold
Jacket:The Secret Store- Mrs. Jones Jacket in Olive
Hair-Pr!tty:Megan Hair in Night